Whitegrove is a special place with the majority of our pupils having family links across the world.

Our geography curriculum helps our pupils to understand how our world is interconnected and where we fit within our Bracknell locality.

At Whitegrove, geography can be taught alone but usually offers meaningful contexts for high-quality cross-curricular work: It is the glue that holds many of our missions and projects together.

For us, geography is more than subject knowledge; a geographer seeks to understand how different views, values and perspectives influence and affect places and environments at different scales. A geographer helps explain why places are changing, how they are interconnected and why patterns of inequality exist at both local and global scales.

Our youngest children learn about the school environment and our weather. Older children learn in more depth about physical features, physical processes, human features and human processes alongside environmental issues. They build a general knowledge of countries, cities, rivers and mountains. Local field trips form a vital part of building our mapping skills and knowledge from Year 1 onwards.