At Whitegrove, we aim to inspire children’s curiosity about the past and equip them with the skills they need to find out about key events, people and changes throughout history.

Being a historian involves both developing an extensive knowledge about the past and being able to question and think critically. Much of our learning is based on understanding why people behaved in certain ways and the impact of key individuals and societies on the modern world. In addition to looking at existing research and evidence, the children learn how to question evidence for themselves, form and explore theories and find out how our understanding of history changes. History forms the basis of much of our cross-curricula learning, and we make links between time periods and places studied.

We aim to make history come alive for the children at Whitegrove. This includes studying events in the recent and distant past, in the local area and the wider world. When learning about different periods in history, the children experience hands-on learning through visits and visitors.