We consider languages to be very important and beneficial at Whitegrove.

Learning a language can help to foster children’s awareness and positive attitudes to other countries and cultures and enhance their natural curiosity. It can help increase critical thinking skills, creativity and enables grammatical concepts and rules in English to become clearer. It also gives children a great sense of accomplishment when they are able to converse in another language.

Our aim at Whitegrove is to ensure children build a solid foundation in French through creative teaching and fun, engaging activities such as the use of songs, films, stories and games, encouraging children to use their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. In line with the National Curriculum, French is taught over the four years of KS2. We believe that a sustained experience has the potential to lead to higher levels of proficiency at the end of secondary school. We hope that a fun language learning experience at primary school could lead to a greater enthusiasm for languages in the future.

Aims by the end of Y6:

  • To speak in sentences with appropriate pronunciation
  • Express simple ideas with clarity
  • Write phrases and short stories from memory
  • Develop an understanding of basic grammar
  • Learn songs and poems in French
  • Explore the customs and culture of the French-speaking world.